Lymphoedema expert visits St Marys

During February one of the world’s leading experts in Lymphoedema research, diagnosis and treatment has been providing assessments at the Tasmanian Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy Centre in St Marys since 1999.

Prof Neil Piller and his team, Dr Malou Van Zanten and Toni Piller have been great supporters of the Centre in St Marys over many years and he and his team provide their time free of charge.  Prof Piller has been a regular visitor to Tasmania over the past two decades providing assessments for people in Tasmania suffering from Lymphoedema.

From l to r: Bryon Beggs, Nev Shaw, Jak Isaksen, Susie Edwards, Toni Piller, Malou Van Zanten, Roberta Waterman and Prof Neil Piller.

Seeing a Lymphoedema practitioner early can prevent complications, provide advice on skin care, and demonstrate exercises that can assist in targeting and sequencing of treatment. Treatment can reduce the risk of infection and assist clients in managing their condition. Early detection can result in a much improved outcome and stop its progression for someone suffering from Lymphoedema.

Secondary Lymphoedema is a chronic progressive disorder which results in an accumulation of fluid in the body due to damage or removal of lymph nodes.  There are also congenital forms of the disease collectively known as Primary Lymphoedema.

St Marys is fortunate to have the Tasmanian Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy Centre which is located at the St Marys Community Health Centre. It has the latest laser treatment technology and provides lymph drainage massage and other treatment options.

Many clients combine a trip to the clinic with a short holiday in the Break O’Day Region as many local accommodation houses offer discounts for clients of the clinic.

In the photograph (l to r): Prof Neil Piller, Lisa Estreich and Dr Malou Van Zanten.